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twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteTwitter is one of the coolest companies around these days, but what is it like to actually work there? Well, aside from the roof deck with gorgeous views of San Francisco, frequent visits by celebrities looking for ways to better connect with their audience and being able to meet the President at the White House… it’s a pretty normal place to work. Here to tell you more about it is Isaac Hepworth. The department listed on his business card is, I kid you not, Unusual Projects.

The word that best describes Twitter’s culture is Open. We’re open in the sense that we have transparent internal communication and discussion. Open in the sense that the platform is open to all: from everyday individuals to news organizations to governments to entertainers and so on. Open in the sense that people at Twitter are always open to new ideas and perspectives. Open in the sense that Twitter employees Tweet freely and fearlessly about their lives and opinions.

My favorite part of the office is the roof deck; it is very special. It reminds us all that we’re in the middle of a wonderful and vibrant city and provides views of Twin Peaks and—often—the sunset.

At Twitter I feel incredibly privileged to work at a company which makes a product that I so deeply love. I’m besotted with ...

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