Review: Day One Journal App Is Worth Downloading and Using


What do Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin all have in common? They all kept journals. Somehow journaling became a “girly” thing to do in recent years, but in reality it’s perfectly manly. While sites like Facebook will chronicle things in your life automatically for you, there is no replacement for a private repository of your thoughts. I realized recently that there was a lot that I wish I could remember about specific events but couldn’t. Not long after that (and with a short bit of research) I wound up downloading Day One for my iPhone (although it is available for iPad and Mac OS as well) to chronicle my life and I’ve found it to be a pretty awesome app indeed.


Day One makes journaling in the digital age a breeze; open the app, enter a 4-digit security passcode if you chose to set one, hit the plus button, attach an optional photo and type away. So far so good, but Day One goes beyond just the basics and adds in some cool features that a paper rival could never come close to matching. For one, you’ve got to try attaching a picture to a journal entry–it’s not that it wouldn’t be worth it to NOT attach a photo, but it makes the entire experience–from browsing through past entries to getting as ...

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