Review: Divoom Bluetune-Pop Ultra-Compact Bluetooth Speaker

bluetune-Pop 4 colors

bluetune-Pop 4 colorsIf you are looking for a small Bluetooth speaker that delivers a big punch then look no further than the Bluetune-Pop by Divoom. As CES 2013 gadgets lay piled up in my office awaiting review, I have to admit I was putting off checking out this speaker as I didn’t expect all that much but oh how wrong I was. Make no mistake: this thing rocks.

The sound coming from this little Bluetooth speaker is very impressive; it gets louder and richer than you would imagine a speaker of this size ever could. Personally I was blown away (literally) when I first fired it up–the volume on my device (paired with an iPhone) was cranked to 11, just because that it where it always is (I prefer to control volume inline or using the paired device as opposed to my iPhone itself). I believe the very first thought that went through my head when the music started to play was, “Dang!” followed closely by, “How do I turn it down?” That’s how loud it gets. If you are within a few feet of the speaker when something loud comes on, beware! Needless to say, it can get loud.

Apart from it’s tiny size, the big feature of this speaker is it’s ability to “pop” up or down, thus enabling or disabling the extra bass capabilities. ...

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