Can Twitter Beat Google at Search?

twitter-drawnTwitter is amassing a treasure trove of realtime data and it wants to make searching through it a better experience for you–and for advertisers. As Twitter has continued it’s transformation into a media company, and as it grows in size and revenue, it may soon find itself at war with some very entrenched, and fierce, competitors. In particular, might Twitter find itself at odds with Google over search (of all things)? Even IF Twitter is ramping up their search priorities, should Google even care? Perhaps Google would be interested in buying Twitter outright, despite reports to the contrary. Either way, our question this week is whether or not Twitter has a chance of beating Google at search. Here’s what the panel has to say:

Facebook May Trump Both Twitter and Google at Realtime Search

martyYes when it comes to realtime search but Google can still win if they can grow their fledgling social platform, Goggle Plus. Automation will always play a big role in determining relevancy. I can’t see how using human powered curation will be economical for Twitter to generate accurate and quality search results and make real time search curation profitable and attractive to advertisers.

In my opinion, Facebook is currently the best positioned to take advantage of realtime search. Their users, over one billion of them, willingly share their likes and ...

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