Review: GoSmart 200 Series Freedom Stylus Works Great for Precision Tablet Writing



I’m the artistic type; a graphic designer by trade/schooling who constantly sketches out big ideas and I just found a great stylus to compliment my drive: the GoSmart 200 Series Freedom Stylus. It looks and feels like a pen (except for the tip, duh) and works as advertised: it writes smooth and precise. If you are a person who enjoys writing but has yet to fall in love with writing on a tablet, a constant sketcher like me or an artist of any shade, the 200 series from GoSmart is worth a look.

Using the 200 series stylus from GoSmart is as close to writing with a pen on a tablet as I have come (I tested this with an iPad using the Paper app). Once you get over the interesting spring-like tip (where you are used to seeing a point–and which doesn’t take long at all), writing with the stylus is pretty decent. If you are looking for an experience that is 100% like paper, I don’t think ANY stylus/tablet combination offers that just yet, but you can certainly write much finer and with far more precision that if you used a finger or a rubber-tipped stylus. Using the 200 series allows you to do a few things you can’t do with a finger very easily like write smaller, write in cursive and sketch/draw ...

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