Startup Stories: Slice, the Service that Organizes Everything You Buy


When I first read about Slice and investigated their website, I was impressed (to say the least). It’s one of those services that makes you think, “Wow, why hasn’t someone thought of that before now,” and “How did I live without it.” It’s that useful. Essentially, Slice tracks your packages to the extreme; you can literally know when a bouquet of flowers is going to arrive at your doorstep so you can pop home from work to sign for them. You know what I always say: where there is a cool product, there is a great startup story! OK, so I never say that, but that is the case here. So sit back, relax and enjoy as Harpinder Singh Madan, a Slice co-founder, gives you the scoop on how Slice got it’s start. 

The original idea for Slice was sparked when my co-founder and I recognized that e-commerce was growing and more people were shopping online. Personally, we noticed that shopping receipts would pile up in our inboxes – we felt that the inbox was a great place to receive receipts, but a terrible place to act on them. We thought that there must be a better way to organize this information, and that’s what drove us to create Slice.

The first thing we did was to validate our thesis by talking to potential users. ...

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