Who Can Benefit From Gamification?


Each week, DailyTekk connects you with leading experts on a given topic as part of our Understanding series. This week we are focusing on explaining Gamification. Yesterday we learned about successful gamification strategies and today you’ll learn who can benefit from gamification. Last week we focused on Big Data.


Jesse Schell: “It’s never a silver bullet. If you are serious about improving the motivational design of something you are in charge of, it’s as simple as asking, “Why do people like this? How could they like it more?” Often, simple changes go a long way. When a restaurant gives out a T-Shirt to anyone who can eat their Inferno Wing Platter, well, guess what? That’s gamification. It doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Gabe Zichermann: “Choosing a vendor is best in creating a gamification system because it enables you to scale and do it cheaply. You can avoid making the mistakes others have made – though it doesn’t help you necessarily improve the design. Certification through an Advanced Workshop is useful because you should have the necessary design know-how internally to support the system. In addition, some people who first come to us intending to create a design for a web or smartphone application realize they only needed to change they way they thought about a problem, and were able to construct a low-tech solution.”...

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