Picture Interview: Matt Wilson, Co-Founder of Under30Media

Zip line through the canopy on the Under30CEO GREEN Business Tour Costa Rica.

The Picture Interview series is brand new and launches today with Matt Wilson (@mattwilsontv), the Co-Founder of Under30Media. The concept of this series is to let interesting people share their favorite smartphone photos with you along with a brief description to give you a peek into their lives, literally. Matt was a great inaugural choice as his office is literally the world-at-large. Be sure to check out the newly launched Under30Finance.com and Under30Careers.com. You can catch up with Matt on their Under30Experiences Microfinance Surf Camp to Nicaragua this April.

What does your workspace look like and what technology can we see there?

The view from Matt's apartment and office until the end of April in Costa Rica.
The view from Matt’s apartment and office until the end of April in Costa Rica.

I only have two important pieces of technology in my life. My MacBook and my iPhone. I’m a minimalist so my apps aren’t crazy. I stick to the basics for social media promotion for our Under30Experiences entrepreneur travel brand. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. For travel I use WhatsApp, most of my friends and family are on iMessage, I’m an iBook reader, Skype, and Google Translate.

Seriously, just my two Apple products get the job done wherever in the world I am. I also operate with some really cheap headphones that hurt my eardrums.

What’s the most inspiring photo you took on your phone ...

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