Growth Hacking Defined


growthhacking1At the heart of every successful business is a growing user and revenue base. These days, some of the world’s most influential companies and startups have employed the services of a growth hacker to help facilitate success; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Quora, for example, have all employed people to hack their growth. The term itself (coined by one of the experts contributing to this series, Sean Ellis) implies that there are ways to grow and then there are ways to grow. If you don’t have a growth hacker in your employ, are you going to fall behind the competition? Do you want to become a growth hacker yourself? Whatever your motivation for wanting to learn more about growth hacking and it’s implications, it makes sense to first nail down a definition. I’ve asked 5 growth hacking experts to walk you through the basics and not-so-basics of growth hacking throughout the week. Coming up this week, we’ll take a look at real examples of growth hacking in action, what you actually need in order to hack growth and the future of growth hacking. To kick things off, let’s see what these experts say growth hacking is.

Paul Rosania: Growth hacking is a fancy term for high-impact, high-velocity product marketing. Growth hackers try a lot of ideas, ruthlessly optimizing successes and quickly discarding dead ends. Sometimes these ...

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