Game of Fame: Cut the Rope



If you’re an iOS gamer, chances are you’ve played Cut the Rope (or seen and heard a lot about it at the very least). I know I have personally enjoyed playing Cut the Rope because it’s the type of game that you can play when you just need to kill a few minutes waiting for something (or you can play it for an hour–it’s fun either way). It’s easy enough for a small kid to enjoy while an adult can derive hours of enjoyment from it as well. Not many games can say that. Plus, Om Nom (need I say more?). As a fan of Cut the Rope I naturally wanted to learn more. That’s why I contacted ZeptoLabs’ Semyon Vionov to tell us how this famous game got it’s start in his own words. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see some early Om Nom sketches.

There are just a few noticeable mobile games built around rope physics, and I think that Cut the Rope has succeeded in taking this very simple idea and perfecting it – without making it more complicated. That is what makes the gameplay unique. The only important tip any player needs to know before he (or she) starts to play the game is already written in the title. The rest of the game’s rules pretty much come ...

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