Picture Interview: Dave Fowler, Founder of Chartio


In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty intrigued by data (from data visualization tools to Big Data), so naturally I was interested in learning more about Chartio, “The easiest business dashboard you’ll ever use.” You pop your data in and Chartio makes it look nice and readable. It’s definitely worth a look if you are looking to derive intelligence from your troves of data (like Google Analytics, SQL, Excel, etc). As cool as Chartio is, I wanted to know a little bit more about Dave Fowler, the founder of Chartio. I asked Dave to take/provide 3 pictures and captions from his smartphone to give us a glimpse into his life. Here’s what he came up with:


I typically have a lot of stuff on my desk. I use a pretty old 13″ Macbook and a 27″ Mac monitor. On my screen is Chartio which I of course check many times a day. I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap for scanning and signing documents. I drink a lot of green tea so those are always hanging around. I keep a daily list of TO DO items on a notecard that I keep right infront of my keyboard. About 6 months ago I hand built a holder for all of those notecards. When I was younger I did a lot of woodworking, and now I can only make small boxes :)

There are always a lot of highlighted papers on my desk. I don’t like reading articles that are longer than a page on my screen. I print them out and highlight them. I also keep a couple of notebooks for sketching out ideas.

Today I had christmas tree lights on the desk as we’re decorating our tree!


This is my good friend Ben Silberman the Founder and CEO of Pinterest speaking at a Y Combinator Dinner. For Y Combinator Alumni, coming back and speaking at YC is kind of a milestone that you’ve really made it. I’ve known Ben for 5 years when we first went through YC together and eventually shared an office and a house. His story and character are both incredibly inspiring.


I’ve been to a lot of cool places this year, but more than the place I always appreciate who I’m with. This is a photo I took of my family on our boat going under the new Mississippi bridge being constructed in Hastings Minnesota, where I grew up. They just bought the boat this summer and it’s incredible how having a boat and viewing everything from the water can make all of the places I hung out as a kid seem so different and so much more awesome from the context of a boat. I also just love my Mom’s expression in this photo. She could also easily go in my inspiration category!