3 Ways Your ISP May Empty Your Pockets During an Internet Outage (Ahem, CenturyLink)

centurylink_logo_detailThe Internet, and more specifically access to the Internet, drives our everyday lives like nothing else in the modern world, so when the Internet goes down due to an outage it can wreak serious havoc. By now we’ve all been there: you fire up your browser to check your email or see what’s new on Facebook and… nothing. The Internet is down. Sometimes this is due to router or modem issues and sometimes it’s due to an outage caused by weather. That’s exactly what happened to me today: the Internet was down due to a snowstorm and my Internet Service Provider, or ISP, said it was due to an outage (that was the second time I called them–the first time they said it was a local issue). Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing anything as mundane as checking email or Facebook; I had real work to do. My ISP, CenturyLink, gave me a terrible time as I battled them for a credit or refund (aside from everything else, it was not fun listening to a recording while on hold that kept telling me to ask about CenturyLink’s 99.99% uptime; that would be hilarious if I wasn’t steamed at the time). Along the way I picked up on a few techniques they seem to wield in order to drain money from my accounts and I thought I’d share ...

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