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Group-of-Rackers-(2)Today DailyTekk is takes you inside Rackspace, the San Antonio, TX based hosting company that currently has 8 data centers. That’s certainly impressive, but I have to admit, my favorite part of the office is the slide (and the food trucks… so many food trucks). I asked one of the 4,500 employees, Nishan Sivathasan, Director of Marketing at Rackspace, to give us an insiders view of what it’s like to work for this exciting company. Here’s what he had to say:

If I had to describe Rackspace’s culture in one word it would be eccentric. This place is NOT normal and that is a good thing. When we needed to expand to more office space, we decided to office out of an old dilapidated mall and refurbish it to be an incredible office space. We don’t have a cafeteria; instead, we have food trucks line up in our parking lots during lunchtime. When it was time for us to really commit to building world-class cloud technology this tiny company from San Antonio, Texas decided to open source its technology to fuel the most popular open source effort since Linux, OpenStack.

Rackspace slide!
Rackspace slide!

I’d have to say my favorite part of the office is the big tables up by the top of the slide or GroundTown (Rackspace coffee shop). Both of those areas are ...

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