Matrix Portable Speakers



Pump up your sound and your style with Matrix Audio’s line of small, nay, tiny speakers. The Qube ($49.99), NRG ($29.99) and ONE ($79.99) speakers work great for different situations, but all stow away nicely until they are needed. The ONE speaker is Bluetooth enabled, has a toggle for switching between tracks without taking out your phone or tablet and features the biggest sound of the three thanks to it’s 45-millimeter drivers and Xcavated Bass Amplifier (XBA). Even so, the ONE will give you 14 hours of playback which is not too shabby. The nectarine-sized NRG speaker featured 40-millimeter drivers and has a total output of 3 watts. It’s the cheapest of the bunch, but it still features the same Xcavated Bass Amplifier of it’s larger and more expensive sibling the ONE. Last but certainly not least, the Qube is truly a pocket-sized speaker. Weighing just 78 grams, the Qube is just slightly smaller than a golf ball. Just because the Qube is small (it measures 38 millimeters on all sides) doesn’t mean Matrix skimped on features. The Qube will give you 8 hours of continuous playback, 3 watts of output and comes equipped with Passive Vibrating Bass technology.

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