Inside Spotify: My All-Time Favorite Music Service (Lots of Pics)



Spotify is what I always wanted in a music service. It’s priced just right (for just $9.99 per month you can listen to unlimited music on all your devices). On any given weekday you can catch me listening to Spotify on the way to and from work and throughout the day (via the iPhone app). Ya, I like it that much. Do I still use iTunes for music? Barely. Spotify is so good I gave it a dedicated section in the most popular post our site has ever had: 100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music.  Naturally I was pretty excited to interview Spotify’s Hacker Advocate (nice title, no?) Andrew Mager (who you can follow on Twitter @mager) who hails from the NYC office (as you can see in the pics below). You’re gonna wish you worked here…

If you could describe the essence of Spotify’s culture in one word, what would that be? Explain.

Fun. It doesn’t feel like work when I’m at the Spotify office. Everyone’s desk is in the open and everyone works together. At any given moment, employees are playing table tennis or Playstation. There is always good music playing on our Sonos, and everyone can contribute.

Describe your favorite part of the office/campus.

I love how the office is arranged. As you enter, you see the kitchen and ...

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