Eye-Fi: Wireless Wow-Factor

X2_connect-angle-cmykThe Eye-Fi is one of those technologies that actually made me go “Wow, I WANT that.” It’s that cool. Sometimes you see something new and think, “Meh, it’s interesting,” or, “It’s cool, but I don’t have to have one.” That’s not this. This is something that truly made an impression on me when I first heard about it a few years back. That’s why I was excited to interview Ziv Gillat, one of Eye-Fi’s Co-Founders. Here’s how the Eye-Fi came about in his own words:

Between Yuval Koren (Co-Founder) and I, there are two versions of how we created Eye-Fi. Yuval remembers struggling to share photos of friends and family after attending a wedding. In a time before Facebook and mobile sharing was hot, this frustration led us come up with Eye-Fi as a solution. In a slightly different version, I remember my busy life as a new parent providing the spark for Eye-Fi. After having our first child my wife and I didn’t have time to take photos, download and manage them on a computer. Aiming to simplify the process, we wanted to find a way to make taking and sharing photos- leading us to think up Eye-Fi.

At first, we didn’t believe Eugene Feinberg (another co-founder) — when he told us that he could fit everything into the SD card, but Eugene ...

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