How to Buy a Complete Home Theater Set-up

Lets face facts: there are TV room and then there are TV rooms. Many people today are converting their TV rooms into home theaters. What is a home theater? Simply put, a home theater tries to replicate the experience of going to the movies in your home. That means a big screen, loud, rich sounds, high-definition and occasionally some extra goodies like 3D.

If you’re like me, you don’t aim to replicate the stinky smells, crushed popcorn on the floor or annoying previews! Essentially, building a home theater requires a TV, a receiver, speakers, a remote and a bunch of wires (oh ya, and the content that makes all this stuff worth buying in the first place). Regardless of your budget, this article will show you how to buy the necessary components to create your very own theater, at home.

Learn About TVs

As you probably suspected, a great TV is probably the most important part of a home theater setup. Since you’re wanting to replicate the movie theater experience, it stands to reason that you will want something pretty big. While it doesn’t necessarily need to be a top-of-the-line luxury TV set, you’ll probably want to appropriate more dollars to your TV set than to any other component listed here.

Just to give you a rough outline of what you might be ...

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