Reviewed: Sony’s 84″ Ultra-HD TV (It’s Awesome)



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You’ve never seen a TV like this before. In fact, you’ve never even imagined one. My words here are pretty inadequate in offering up a compelling description to any person who hasn’t yet seen one themselves. Stunning, vivid, jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring come close to describing it’s magnificence. Watching a Blu-ray like After Earth on the device transports you to make it seem as if you are actually floating around in outer space. That’s what it is like sitting in front of the 84” Sony 4K TV which fully lives up to Sony’s “Life Beyond Definition” description. You don’t just see… you feel. It is, in a word, immersive. If ever there were a TV that would make you consider ditching your season tickets because you could get a better in-home experience, this would be it. Want to own it? eBay is giving one away. Click here for your chance to enter.



At the end of the day, the hardware is chic enough to dwell comfortably in the most fashionable abode. It’s no small feat designing a television whose screen size is fully four times larger than a 42” smaller cousin, but here Sony is able to pull it off. While it admittedly isn’t the world’s most beautiful TV, it is by no means ugly. This TV was designed ...

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