One Blu-ray Player to Rule Them All



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No home theater is complete without a great Blu-ray player. I say great because, as you may have experienced, not all Blu-ray players are created equal. Enter the OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray player. This bad boy comes loaded with category-leading features you’ll soon wonder how you lived without (skip a few paragraphs down to get right to the good stuff).

Ever had a slow-loading Blu-ray player whose buttons break easier than a crispy fall leaf? This Blu-ray player isn’t going to let you down. That’s because the steel chassis is built to last and the dual-processing capability will ensure that menus load snappily. Those two features alone already make it better than nearly every Blu-ray player available at Target, Wal-Mart and BestBuy. Trust me though, there is plenty more to love.

Although we live in an increasingly connected world where smartphones can stream content onto your TV and videos can simply be purchased or rented through Apple or Amazon, physical discs still play a large role in our lives. For one thing, nothing beats the audio and video quality of a Blu-ray disc (although streaming is getting very, very close). Additionally, and most likely the biggest reason you have for owning a disc player these days, you probably have a large library of Blu-ray and DVD discs that ...

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