Metasearch Engines Take On Google and Bing

Google and Bing can do quite a bit for the average Internet user, but they don’t always give the results you want. A number of alternative search engines are popping up that search very different data points than the standard search giants.

There are image search engines, for example, that allow you to sketch something in a Microsoft Paint-inspired window and search for more images that way. There are search engines that recommend films and television shows based on where you live and what your favorite movies are. Metasearch engines do a little bit of everything by drawing from a whole slew of other search engines to find results for you. Here’s what you need to know about this alternative to Google and Bing:

An Early Example

164152294The first publicly-available metasearch engine was The site touts itself as the “mother of all search engines.” Do a quick search for “Frankenstein” and you get a page of results from Google, Wikipedia, IMDB and a number of other major sources as well as a list of suggestions for further searches, including “gothic novels” and a number of Frankenstein film titles, including “Young Frankenstein.” Rather than the precise, though sometimes cluttered results that you find on Google, Mamma gives you an instant overview of whatever it is you might be curious about.

This gets us to the ...

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