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Alen Peacock is the Co-Founder leader of the technology team at Space Monkey, a service that takes the cloud out of the datacenter to make online storage cheaper, faster, bigger, greener, and more reliable.


We’re building core technology, so getting really skilled engineers with the right experience on board early was critical. We optimized for this by emphasizing how hard the problems we were working on were to solve, how much impact, autonomy, and ownership contributors would have, and imbuing these roles with purpose. Coupled with a rigorous interview process, we haven’t had trouble finding the right people.


We decided to attend the Launch Festival in San Francisco, CA shortly after receiving some initial angel funding and ended up being crowned “Best New Startup.” We offered pre-orders in conjunction with that event, generating tens of thousands of dollars in revenue in just a few days.


We view ourselves primarily as a software company, but we have a hardware component. We’d originally hoped to outsource the hardware to an ODM or be able to source most components already assembled. We found out relatively early that this wouldn’t work, but had serendipitously hired a great hardware guy into a software role. With the help of some outside firms for actual production, we’ve been able to do most hardware design in-house.


I’ve worked


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