Ari Roisman – Glide



Ari Roisman is Co-Founder and CEO of Jerusalem-based Glide, a service that allows users to send and receive private video messages that can be watched live or at the recipients’ convenience.


Entrepreneurship, like life in general, is all about the journey. So it’s a good idea to be working on something you love.


At launch we introduced the ‘Glidebot, a real-life chatbot who taught new users how to use the app and responded to user’s questions. Never underestimate the magic of human warmth.


Before I worked on Glide I was working on smaller projects. I’ve only worked on startups, so its the only work environment I’m familiar with. I took a break from full-time startup life for a couple years to get married, start building a family and focus on acquiring a skill-set that was important to me personally: Talmudic analytical thinking. The transition back to a startup-focused lifestyle was relatively smooth, but once I’m fully immersed in a venture, and I take a moment to take a deep breath and look around, I do find myself thinking “Whoa, I don’t really do anything else but work on this venture.”


Fail fast. Get your product into the market quickly, but be willing to turn on a dime and do things differently when things don’t go as planned. At the same ...

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