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Chris Hulls is Co-Founder and CEO of Life360, a location and communication app for families for Android and iPhone.


Use app store optimization to rank for keywords in the app stores (that’s what we did to acquire our first customers; see “Traction” below).


I had a job at Goldman Sachs doing investment banking, but then had a health scare (tumor in my neck). It turned out fine but I had the cliche epiphany of wanting to do something more risky.


We started with a $300k grant from Google for winning the Android Developer contest, but that was after being denied by many VCs and angels. I had to enter the contest as a last resort. The toughest thing for me about funding was finding the right balance between cockiness and humility. I’m not a rah rah guy, which is abnormal for an entrepreneur, so I had to work hard to amp up my enthusiasm.


When we launched, no one was looking for a family location sharing app. But, we found out that tons of people were looking for an app that showed nearby crime. So, we built that feature into the app and all of a sudden we got hundreds of thousands of new users—it is how we got to critical mass.


Getting a good team together was very ...

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