Daniel Friedman – Ninja Blocks



Daniel Friedman is a Co-Founder and CEO of Ninja Blocks, a company which provides a platform that securely turns the physical world into software.


Focus on our community. From the beginning we wanted our community (via our forums) to play a part in shaping the product/platform. We invited them into our offices, consistently talked with them one-on-one, and ensured they were part of the conversation around where the product should go.


We launched via Kickstarter, and so had an initial base of willing (and forgiving) individuals who believed in the idea.


During the process of developing our Kickstarter product we realized that part of what we had promised, namely wired sensors and actuators was, for lack of a better word, fail. We would still ship what we had promised to, but decided to integrate a cheap and readily available wireless tech into the product (including several wireless sensors), and give this to our backers at no cost. We, in my view rightly decided that we valued our backers’ experience of our product over minimizing the cost of developing the product.


Take a step back and consider exactly what problem we are trying to solve. It’s easy to loose sight of the problem when you’re bogged down in the details, and often easily drawn toward irrelevant distractions. This is especially true ...

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