Dave Wright – SolidFire



Dave Wright is the founder and CEO of Boulder-based SolidFire, which provides high-performance data storage systems designed for large-scale public and private cloud infrastructure.


Experience matters. If you don’t know where to start, you probably aren’t ready to start. Rather than trying to build something from scratch with no experience, go find an early-stage startup to work for, hopefully led by an experienced entrepreneur, and spend a few years to see what it really takes to start a company. Then when you are ready, go for it with confidence (and hopefully a network of connections to leverage).


It’s unlikely that anything that can contribute so much to a company’s success is truly unique or unknown, so instead I’ll talk about an aspect of our culture that I believe has been a key part of our success. When hiring, we place heavy emphasis on peer-level interviews, making sure that the people who will be working with a new hire have a voice in selecting them. That makes the hiring process very selecting, but ensures that new hires have the support of the peers from day one.


Before my first startup, GameSpy, I was a college student. I spent a lot of my time playing and creating mods for online games. The development process for creating mods involved building a team capable of ...

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