Gabriel Weinberg – DuckDuckGo



Gabriel Weinberg is the CEO and founder of DuckDuckGo, a search engine regarded for its compelling privacy and user experience (more instant answers, less spam/clutter/ads and great privacy).


Try employing a unique hiring process called inbound hiring. Every member of the DuckDuckGo team was a user who reached out to us to help in some capacity. We encourage everyone who’s interested in joining our team to first contribute on our open source side. Constructing a team from volunteer contributors who are mutually passionate about your goals, while at the same time being familiar with your team and processes, has become one of our strongest processes to date.


My first startup (right out of school) failed. Then I worked for a year and decided I wanted to give it a serious try as a career path. I promptly quit and started consulting strictly 4-hr a day so I could work on my startup ideas the bulk of the time.


I think I’ve always been an entrepreneur. This was my third to tenth company depending on how you count. So I learned a bit before doing this one, thankfully. I didn’t set out to build a search engine, but instead to work on a number of projects I found interesting. After doing that for about a year I saw a path to ...

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