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Gregarious Narain, the former VP of Product at Klout, is the Co-Founder of Chute, a service that lets brands and publishers collaborate with their fans and ambassadors to create rich, visual media.


Bring remote workers in to collaborate in person. We brought everyone who was working remotely together for 6 months to accelerate our learning and ability to react to customers. Even though we still think working remotely is valuable and viable, it was a great way to drive the company forward.


Our first customers came from leveraging our network, doing a lot of in-person presentations and then adjusting our product to match specific needs.


It’s very hard convincing large companies that you’re going to be around long enough and it’s hard to earn their trust. The trick there is to really build on top of reliable things that they know already (ex. AWS), build a product that’s tuned into everything they need, and have excellent customer service. You basically have to make choices that will alleviate their fear.


I’ve always been surrounded by people who were enterprising and entrepreneurial, least of which my parents. That’s been hugely inspiring for me. Now, when I see problems, I have a drive to seek ways to solve them.

With Chute: I’ve always had an interest in photography and as more and more


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