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Jori Lallo is Co-Founder and developer of San-Francisco-based Inc, a place to share news, ideas and knowledge with your company.


Try being open and honest with customers about the size of your company. From the start we have always put or own names and faces in front of our users in an effort to be open with them. Not trying to fake the appearance of being “big” when we were not has been extremely useful for us. We have friendly chats with our users so they get to know us and know what to expect from a two man team.

Also, shipping constantly, in small batches, keeps you and your users excited about the product and the progress you’re making.


We have always done our first small launches in Hacker News (including with Kippt). People in that community know you’re new and they provide valuable feedback. These launches have also lead to coverage in tech blogs as well as valuable sales leads.


Focus is always the problem. There’s so much to do and nobody telling you what to do to succeed. We try to stick with Y Combinator’s advice and concentrate on writing code and talking to users, especially now when we’re still early with Inc.


I’m a big believer in a proper work-life balance. I seriously can’t even do ...

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