Kai Stinchcombe – True Link Financial



Kai Stinchcombe is the CEO of San Francisco based True Link Financial which issues a Visa card with special protections against fraud targeting seniors.


If you don’t cry when you tell your customers’ stories, you’re not doing something you care about enough. On its good days this is the best job in the world, but there are a lot of bad days too. Don’t seek to be an entrepreneur – try as hard as you can not to! And if you can’t possibly avoid it you’ll be the one with the drive to succeed.


I’m sure we’re the only Y Combinator company with three of its first five critical players in their 60′s, and we’re one of not many with more women than men on the team. We honestly didn’t do it on purpose. Like every other startup out there, you need people with talent, with hustle, who are both creative and know what they’re doing. Our senior-citizen employees have every bit as much spark as we do and every day they challenge us every day to work harder. When everyone else is hiring men in their 20′s, you’ll have a strategic advantage if you take off the startup blinders and recruit the talent that everyone else doesn’t see.


I’ve been doing this my whole life, sometimes with more and sometimes with ...

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