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Keith Teare is the founder and CEO of, a service that provides texting, email and social networking in one place.


Write a lot of guest articles for a site like TechCrunch. I did and it generated about 30,000 beta requests.


I was motivated to start by a love of iMessage, Photostream and the mobile address book. I realized that they were all disconnected and that I could integrate them and add video and voice to create an incredible powerful, yet simple, messaging experience.


During our initial fundraising I learned that time is your enemy so if you can execute, do it fast. We raised $550 thousand from early stage investors, and then $2.2 million from Vinod Khosla and True Ventures.


We decided to make available in 32 languages on day 1. And then we did 12 press events (via Google Hangouts) for international markets. This led to a lot of publicity and the PR led to customers.


One low point in building was realizing that our app (much as we loved it) sucked at some things. For example when it was only on iPhone, Android users could only receive messages, they couldn’t send or reply. This killed the ability of the app to be viral. We solved it by driving hard to release Android and ...

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