Luis Sanz – Olapic



Luis Sanz is Co-Founder of NYC-based Olapic, a visual commerce platform for collecting, curating, showcasing and measuring crowd sourced photos and videos.


Work on something that really excites you, as you are going to spend a lot of time working on that, and most likely your company will change drastically in several ways (the product, the market, the size). Working on a problem that really motivates you is the way to stay fully engaged through all these phases.


I’m sure that a lot of people are already doing this, but I’d say that something that helped us a lot at the beginning was doing manually a lot of things that could be automated. If eventually your product changes and you don’t need to do them anymore, you didn’t waste time automating them, and the insights you’ll get doing some things manually (customizing things for clients, contacting users, etc.) will pay off for all the time invested on that. Nevertheless, I comes a point where you’ll have to automate all these processes if you want to scale.


I worked for Ericsson deploying mobile networks across the world, then I got an MBA at Columbia Business School and we got the company started there.


We got Great Oaks VC to lead our seed round ($1M), that we filled up with friends, family ...

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