Mike Neumegen – Cloud Cannon



Mike Neumegen is a Kiwi who has recently jumped on the entrepreneurial train by founding New Zealand-based Cloud Cannon which turns a static website into a Dropbox based CMS.


One of my philosophies in life is to get a little bit better at something everyday. As an entrepreneur you have to be a jack-of-all trades so continuous self improvement is really important. Put yourself in situations that force you to improve. You could spend the day learning to program, join a toastmasters club or start your own business.


A lot of our success has come out of what we don’t do. Having a minimalist approach in every decision has guided us towards a focused product that only solves one problem for a specific audience. There’s two of us working on Cloud Cannon so we have to be as efficient with our time and resources as possible.


I was working as a web developer and found myself becoming more interested in why and how people use applications rather than the technical details of how they worked. At this point I decided to quit my job, read every business and marketing book I could get my hands on and start my own business. It’s been a roller coaster ride so far but it’s all worth it when you see people using something you’ve created....

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