Patrick O’Neill – olloclip



Patrick O’Neill is the Creator and Founder of olloclip, the quick connect 3-in-ONE photography lens for the iPhone and iPod touch.


I got an equity line on my house and bet the farm on the olloclip because I believed in it completely and knew my parents would love to have me and my family come live with them if it did not work out. We did this to pay for the development of the olloclip rather than get VC money and have someone else tell me their vision of my idea.


I leveraged Kickstarter as a way to get the company off the ground, build an initial sales pipeline and create media buzz for the company.

Kickstarter helped validate and legitimize the core ideas around olloclip, helped build a customer base, and put us in front of highly motivated people to help spread the word.


Just the need to keep up with the pace of growth. We launched on Kickstarter two years ago in my kitchen. I then waited too long to get an office outside of the house as I wanted the perfect office that was not too far from the house. When I finally settled on a place it was instantly too small. We made it work for 6 months and then moved into a place 5 times the ...

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