Wai-Lun Hong – Snaptee



Wai-Lun Hong is co-founder and CEO of Hong Kong-based Snaptee, a mobile design app that empowers everyone to design their own unique T-shirt with a few taps of their smartphone.


Always try to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Remember that you’re being given an awesome opportunity to do something different and new and with that comes a wonderful responsibility to bring about change. So whenever you face doubts or challenges, remind yourself that you can benefit another person or another group of people or even society as a whole with your efforts.


I think any success we have will be due to hard work and a good attitude. At the start of every day, we gather for a meeting and the first thing we ask ourselves is: “In what area does the possibility exist for us to achieve more than 100% improvement?” Even though the ideas that come up are rare and difficult to achieve, we go after those goals wholeheartedly, knowing that failure is likely but the best way to learn.


Being an entrepreneur (or a builder) has always been a dream of mine and of my co-founder Gary Lee every since we met on our high school basketball team. I spent 2 years at Microsoft and Razorfish, working on someone else’s ideas, until I realized that I could ...

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