Adam Evans – RelateIQ



Adam Evans is the CTO and Co-Founder of Palo Alto-based RelateIQ, a relationship intelligence platform.


Always go back to your data. We often get hunches about product direction, but often the best nuggets of information to direct your team are hiding in your data. When I’m faced with a problem or I’m not feeling creative, I’ll sort through our data and look for the signals that just might inspire our users’ next favorite feature.


We thought about culture from day one. It was just my fellow Co-Founder, Steve Loughlin, and I at a whiteboard the first week of the company, but we still held Friday demos—a tradition that has continued to this day. We take photos every Friday to document the journey, capturing all the little moments along the way. Building a strong and motivating culture is foundational to building a great company, so we invested in it long before other start-ups typically do.


I was previously working at another startup that was much bigger. We were highly successful, but while we sold amazing software to our customers, our internal tools were seriously lacking. That’s where the inspiration for RelateIQ initially came from. We knew there was an opportunity to alleviate some huge pain points in the modern workflow, from time-consuming manual data entry to misinformed teams and the havoc that ...

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