Anthemos Georgiades – Zumper



Anthemos Georgiades is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zumper, a next generation platform for home and apartment rentals.


Create as many ways as humanly possible for consumers to find and then interact with your product. If that means building mobile apps across various mobile platforms, do it without question. We just launched our first iPhone app and watching the overnight step-change in engagement has been incredible.


I have a post-it on my monitor at work that reads “Impact, no process”. I read it before every meeting I have. Did anything actually change in this meeting, did anything actually move the needle? Both startups and big companies alike can spend hours on end talking around things that result in no tangible action and with no metrics moved. Unnecessary process is toxic to a startup.


I have personally emailed every single Zumper Pro customer (who are landlords, brokers and property managers) to onboard them to our SaaS product. About 25% of them reply to me and we often schedule a call where I hear about what they like and what they don’t like about the product. They are significantly more likely to use the product in the next 30 days if we’ve spoken. And so, despite needing to write thousands of personal emails which can be pretty consuming, it’s a great onboarding ...

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