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Danny Robinson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Perch, an always-on video portal.


Associate your unknown brand with a brand that already has a reputation and an image you’d like to emulate. It lets people understand where you’re heading and gives them a sense of your brand even before you’ve established it.


We let our employees work wherever they are most productive. Remote working is also how we eat our own dogfood. There are Perch portals set up all over the office, so the team is constantly in communication. You’ll rarely see emails or phone calls between the internal Perch team.


Visiting the office where Perch has been installed. We actually send over our product team to sit down next to our customer. It helps us get a bead on how the product is working and it also gives us a first-person view of our customers use the product.


Start with the benefit not the feature. Make sure that you’re focusing on the why not the how. Nobody cares how you do it until they’ve bought in.


1-5 is usually your own personal network. Seek out the people in your network that you know and trust. They’re great first customers and you should be able to count on them to be honest about your product.


Pivoting Perch from ...

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