Igor Brantikov – Wanderu



Igor Brantikov is Co-Founder and COO of Wanderu, a ground travel search engine that helps people find and book inter-city buses and trains between any two points in the country.


One of the things we have done and continually do is keep a very close connection with our customers and general target audience. As a consumer search being the first to tackle improving the ground travel searching and booking process we succeed as a business when we can solve consumers’ current problems.

To do this we connect with consumers through surveys and listening closely to feedback. We take the time to help people find travel options even if they outside our coverage so that we can connect with future customers and learn what they are looking for. Of course the second part to this is processing all this feedback efficiently and implementing it into the product with every release.


We do weekly game nights. And even though it’s not a traditional productivity practice, it helps us as a whole team stay very close and have fun with each other. And a team that is close helps us build and implement new ideas much faster. We’ve also used it as a networking tool by inviting executives from other travel companies and even potential hires to join us for beers and Pictionary, or whatever ...

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