Ioannis Verdelis – Syntellia (Fleksy)



Ioannis Verdelis is the Founder and COO of San Francisco-based Syntellia, maker of Fleksy, a software keyboard that lets you type on a touchscreen without even looking at the screen.


We designed Fleksy right from the start to need ZERO learning curve. Basically, you can type with our keyboard just as you do with your regular phone keyboard, and you will notice it works a lot better than you are used to. We then have designed some ways in which you can improve the experience further. These have some learning curve, and most users pick them up over time. It has, however, been important to ensure that a new user coming to our product would have zero friction.


We started having a team breakfast meeting on Mondays, going through achievements of last week and targets for this one. Even though we  all sit in the same office, it is great to take stock every week and find ways to help each others’ work. There’s always a hive of activity here after these meetings with people helping each other.


We monitor and action every single comment made publicly on our product on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus). We have engaged our customers in the design of our product right from the start. When at the end of the week we ...

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