Jesse Cooke – Watsi



Jesse Cooke is the co-founder and code-slinger at Watsi, a global crowdfunding platform for healthcare.


We started off only using PayPal, specifically PayPal Express. The response times were slow and the onsite, offsite, onsite experience was really bad. So we added credit card processing via Stripe in a little “wizard” that allows donors to donate much faster. We also allow donors to store their credit card info (with Stripe) for an even faster, nicer experience donating to patients.


Anything that is actionable goes onto a card in Trello; tracking patients, tracking investors, triaging bugs, developing the platform itself. Trello’s boards and lists are super flexible, so it’s easy to adapt a workflow that works for us right now. This also allows us to learn what we need to build for our internal tools because we have the flow down.


We try to personally thank every donor. I don’t mean some automated thing… I mean we send an email to each and every donor, thanking them for being awesome and asking what we could do to improve. We’ve gotten really good feedback on the product and the process.


International health care is a deep field. Knowing as much as you can about your specific field (preferably with numbers to back it up) is important, of course. In order for people not ...

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