Jordan Pease – Groopt



Jordan Pease is the Co-Founder and Head of Product at Groopt, a simple and mobile database for nonprofit and member-based organizations.


Leaders that excel have the ability to say “no.” Too often in a startup, leaders want to pursue every market, build every feature, and establish every partnership that comes their way. Good leaders need to be able to say no and protect their vision from getting distracted or diluted by the non-essentials.


At a startup, headcount and resources are scarce, and there usually isn’t a ton of capital around to invest in sales, customer service and account managers. At Groopt, we created the Happiness Expert super position that merges all these responsibilities together. I can’t tell you how successful it has been in generating new customers, partners and general relationships that help move our vision forward.


Recently, we co-sponsored a Meetup in the bay area called “Tech for Good” and even applied to start our own nonprofit foundation, “Groopt for Good.” This allowed us to network and build relationships with our potential customers in a forum where our goals were aligned: to create as much social impact as possible while driving the growth of the “Good Economy.”


Our best recruiters have been those already on our team. We are currently 15 employees strong and the large majority of them ...

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