Joshua Spears – Woofound



Joshua Spears is the Co-Founder and COO of Woofound, a personality awareness platform that generates personalized recommendations for various life needs.


We’ve really strived to make our applications simple and engaging, something that’s rare in the realm of personality assessments. We’re always trying to simplify the user experience while making our recommendations as smart as possible.


We really try to take time to let people work on their own projects and find new ways to take our foundation and use in in new and creative ways. We have a couple days out of the month that we dedicate to this “personal project” time as well as a day where we just go and do something fun as a team.


We always go the extra mile in helping our customer with any question or issue. I personally have spent a great deal of time talking with customers and making sure they had the best possible experience with our applications. We do our best to create relationships with the people using our applications and I think it translates to a really good experience.


Keep it simple, clear and understandable. The more you can hone in on a few important points, the better your audience will grasp what you’re doing and why they should care. Doing a million things is never better then ...

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