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Lucas Baker is the co-founder of Hackermeter, the hacker resume.


We wrote some starter code for every language to get people started on the code challenges. When you’re in a flow state and rolling from question to question, it sucks to spend time rewriting an input parser, so we provide the boilerplate.


You wouldn’t believe how refreshing it is to rewatch an episode of Game of Thrones after a big feature push.

Seriously, though, switch hats at least once per day. If I fixed the backend in the morning, I’ll talk to customers in the afternoon, and vice versa.


We engage with everyone who provides us feedback, but actually we’ve been most amazed by how far users have gone for us. We’ve gotten emails from people who have done every code challenge, and took the time and trouble to list dozens of tweaks and changes to improve the experience. The best thing we can do for them is make sure the world (and Silicon Valley companies in particular) learns how fantastic they are.


I started out with an appallingly ineffective presentation for Demo Day, but my Co-Founder Frost as well as Geoff Ralston at YC provided amazing feedback (Geoff delivered my own pitch ten times as effectively as I ever had). I concluded that a good presentation requires you to ...

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