Raj Singh – Sooqini



Raj Singh is a 25 year veteran of the tech industry, an advisor, a VC and the founder of Sooqini, a buyer-led marketplace where people save time and make money by working with trusted local people around them.


Leaders need to be patient. A good leader takes a wide view of what’s happening, and doesn’t chase a specific point of data, but tries to understand the wider trend and then react accordingly.


We’ve recently been adding more data. Gathering more and more information, both from analytics as well as from customers in order to make informed decisions has helped us to be more responsive and to improve the customer experience.


Engaging students in our community to both use and promote our marketplace has been an unqualified success, in part due to the natural networking built into the campus environment, and also because of the levels of trust and confidence that each institution has with its participants.


Be strive to be the best place to work because of the environment we create, the people and the personalities we hire, and also because we’re all doing something we believe to be worthwhile, cutting-edge and fun.


We use messaging systems that connect us all in real-time, in the office or away, and that are both a social bonding channel as well as ...

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