Michael Ibrahim – Zypsee



Michael Ibrahim is co-founder and CEO of Zypsee, the “Seamless Web” of the $20B metro ground transportation market.


Build for the present. Many people hamper themselves by building products for a vision but have nothing for the path to get there.

We are always focused on what we need for the next deal, customer, or marketing play.


Everything must be phrased in terms of tradeoffs. It’s easy to come up with the next “most important” project. And since all entrepreneurs are first- and foremost do-ers, it’s easy to become scattered. Only when we look at ideas within the context of everything else that has to be done can we prioritize the real difference-makers.


Gifts, prizes, thank you’s — they are all standard nowadays and should be. But sometimes it’s easy to think gimmicks can replace the core essence of what we should do right.

So yes — we’ve shown up at our closest partners with impromptu celebrations or polo shirts as gifts. But we’ve built something else into our culture and model: we succeed only when they succeed. That delights them most of all.


Break pre-conceptions early.

In ground transportation, the venture community thinks of the progress of a successful, highly publicized first-mover. Few realize the space is wide open and 99.5% of the market is untapped.

Our space is ...

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