Zach James – ZEFR



Zach James is the co-founder of ZEFR, a leading SaaS platform for brand and content management on YouTube.


We connected fans with franchises. was licensing official content, and we noticed that when fans would upload to YouTube the exact same film clips, they were getting ranked higher than Movieclips content (which we paid for and licensed). To be honest, it was kind of hurting our business. Instead of complaining about it or taking fan uploads down, we embraced it by building a model to harness the fan upload content too. And that’s how ZEFR was born.


Hitting the beach every Monday morning. Playing volleyball and surfing on a regular basis keeps the team recharged and connected.


The first day we were working with a client in an entirely new vertical, an issue arose in which sensitive content posted online. Our team stepped in and worked around the clock. We worked for literally 48 hours straight to monitor the coverage on YouTube on behalf of our client.


Be fans. We always wear that on our sleeve.

We’re fans that celebrate fans. We pride ourselves on our passion for movies, media, our company and our culture. Because we love this stuff, we want it to be valued, and we believe in the virtuous cycle of connecting fans and franchises for the ...

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