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Al Tsang is the CTO and a Co-Founder of StrongLoop, which connects mobile devices to enterprise infrastructure backend to leverage existing data and services.


Focus on execution. Ideas are great but idea overload can cripple an organization by clouding what priorities are and be distracting when you’re trying to execute. Have a process around ideation so that it doesn’t cause ripples or even waves of disturbance in your organization.


We’ve reorganized engineering to introduce an efficient structure. As a startup, you start very flat and everyone wears multiple hats. As you grow you have to be mindful of what the best allocation of human capital is to meet your objectives and when is the time to introduce process and structure morever at what level.


We’ve studied and listened to what the community wants. Look at deficiencies where we could provide a helping hand by providing resources. Resurrecting node-inspector is an example. We addressed its known shortcomings and improved upon it with the ideas that we read.


One technique we’ve used to attract talent is to construct a profile or persona for each hire in our organization and repeat this process after each and every hire. Each addition shapes the team differently in skillsets, interest, and even personality and culture. It’s like fitting together a puzzle piece by piece.


A ...

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