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Alex Deve is CEO and Co-Founder of Whitetruffle, a marketplace that connects tech talent with companies.


Delegate. Hire great people and give them enough room to grow, make their own decisions, fail, learn and succeed.


We switched our business model to a freemium model. It’s still early to tell, but we believe it’s the right model for the long term.


Identify influencers who can drive high volume of sales for us and work with them.


Our culture and our team are very unique. We have very specific values, and our own way of working. We’re very proud of that, and this is our #1 asset when it comes to hiring.


We push code to production all the time. We’re not afraid of breaking things. If someone has an idea, they can implement it, push it, track it, iterate. It’s theirs.


We actually personally went and talked to our prospects until they signed up. Everything was very manual, but we did all we could to make their experience as great as possible. We even filled their profile ourselves.


People always talk about the challenges of raising money, getting your first customers, building a technology etc… But nobody talks about the mental aspect of starting a new company, and how this is much more important than everything else. If ...

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