Ben Golub – Docker



Ben Golub is CEO/CoFounder of Docker/dotCloud, an open source engine that makes it easy to pack, ship, and run any application as a lightweight container.


I’ve seen more startups fail because they failed to pick a direction than because they picked the wrong direction. Leaders need to both articulate a strong point of view and then align all activities (roadmap, hiring, target users/customers, positioning, messaging, funding) etc. around that point of view. In the best case, the direction is right and you suceed wildly; in the second best case, you makethe direction right because of the weight that goes behind it; in the worst case, you learn quickly that the direction is wrong and can change course.


We have executed a major pivot as a company as we shifted from being primarily a public PaaS company to being an open source company behind the project. We’re now going after a much bigger and much more strategic set of problems and markets, and are experiencing a massive increase in momentum and strategic interest.


We’ve invested in making our project really easy to understand and to get started using. One particularly useful tactic was introducing an online tutorial that takes about 15 minutes to complete, doesn’t require any download, and provides developers with an intuitive understanding of Docker. Three weeks after launching, ...

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