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Iggy Fanlo is the co-founder and CEO of Lively, which gives older adults greater independence for longer with a tighter connection to family.


Unselfishness; lack of “bad” ego… the leaders that are in it for the ego, self-aggrandizement or other selfish motives eventually all fail. When they put the mission and the people ahead of themselves, they eventually win.

It isn’t about some “philosophical” thing… it’s just practical.. when people truly know that they don’t need to concern themselves with politics/credit grabbing and that the mission is first, the results are truly extraordinary 🙂


Simplify, Simlpify simplify… after our beta trials in Florida with Sarasota’s Institute for Ages, the biggest takeaway by far was about simplifying everything… the product, the setups, the notifications, etc.


It’s too early to tell since we launched Lively roughly one week ago (9/17), but I already sense its about two things:

1. Educating consumers on our category… it’s still brand new for this demographic to use sensors and for them to be this inexpensive to work in a home solution

2. Being the advocate of the older adult… that this isn’t about monitoring or even health per se, but helping older adults live independently longer and about inter-generational connections.


Passion…. In some ways that was an easy screen for us in Silicon Valley… most engineers, ...

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